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How Do I Survive?

A major kitchen remodel project could disrupt the family's life and routine especially when there are young children in the household.

Six month before your project starts, look at the things you have in your cabinets. Assess how often you use them. Remove what you rarely use and start packing them in boxes. Donate things you never use. Throw away expired foods and spices. This makes packing your kitchen much easier. And makes your new cabinets less crowded with stuff you do not need.

Think ahead what small appliances, utensils, supplies or snacks you need to keep handy. Set up a makeshift kitchen area in your laundry room, or wet bar or even in your garage. Keep your microwave and coffee maker handy. Set up an area where you can keep cereal boxes, snacks, and your disposable plates and cups accessible. Move your existing refrigerator to your basement or garage and fill your freezer with portioned frozen meals. It will make defrosting and heating meals faster and easier. Depending on the type of your outdoor grill, you might be able, not only to prepare your favorite barbecued chicken for dinner, but heat food or even bake pizza in it.

If you are remodeling a bathroom on the other hand, all you need is another functioning bathroom in the house. If no other bathroom is available then taking the family on a vacation during the remodel is in order.

Whether a bathroom or a kitchen is being remodeled, cover furniture, flooring, stairs, chandeliers, and vent openings that are within a close proximity to the work area. This will minimize the extent of the cleanup after the work is over.