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Frequently asked questions

How Do I Start?

The decision is made. You need a new kitchen. Now what?

Before you meet with a professional, or start getting estimates, make a list of everything you like and dislike in your existing space.

Project changes in your family. A baby on the way means accounting for an extra seating spot at that custom dining table you'd like to incorporate in the new kitchen design. A toddler in the house might require a cooktop/range with knobs on the top rather than on the front edge.

Get all family members involved. Consider everyone's input. Find out what kinds of improvements they would like to see. Is the microwave oven in the right spot? Does it get too crowded around the sink at dinner time?

Start collecting pictures and ideas from magazines, design books, and the Internet. Write everything down and keep your ideas organized in one folder.

Visit appliance stores and familiarize yourself with the new trends and features. The choice is expansive. Features available from each manufacturer, for the same type of appliance, vary greatly. Decide if you are going to buy appliances that accept a custom panel or stainless steel appliances. The former can cost slightly less than the latter but you have to pay extra for a custom panel.

If granite is on your mind, go and visit a supplier's showroom, and get familiar with available types, and colors. Even the same type of granite can be found in slightly different shades.

Look at wood samples and familiarize yourself with the different characteristics of each type of wood.

Decide what type of flooring you like. Depending on your budget and personal taste, you might consider vinyl, wood, or tiled flooring. Tile can be ceramic, porcelain, natural stone or even cork. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

If your busy lifestyle does not allow you to do all that, then leave it to a professional to walk you through the jungle of choices and get you from point A to point B with ease. Call us today for your no obligation in-home consultation.